Sports injury

Clinical  trial, with positive findings, on 19 male sportsmen in Spain. Before a  period of sports activity, approximately half of the men were randomly  allocated to receive a homeopathic medicine called Rendimax and the  others received a dummy pill (placebo). They were not told which  treatment group they were in. The men who received Rendimax had better  muscular performance than those who received placebo.Egocheaga Rodriguez J, Urraca JM, Angeles Montoliu M, et al (2000).  Estudio a doble ciego con «Rendi-Max®» en deportistas de élite. Efectos  sobre los niveles submáximos y máximos de esfuerzo [Double-cross study  with Rendi-Max in elite sportsmen. Submaximal and maximal effort  effects]. Archivos de Medicina del Deporte; 17:483-490.