Childhood diarrhoea

Systematic review of three clinical  trials, with positive conclusions.  The original clinical trials are:  (A) Jacobs J, Jiminez LM, Gloyds SS, et al (1993). Homoeopathic  treatment of acute childhood diarrhoea. A randomized clinical trial in  Nicaragua. British Homoeopathic Journal; 82:83–86; (B) Jacobs J, Jimenez  LM, Gloyds SS, et al (1994). Treatment of acute childhood diarrhea with  homeopathic medicine; a randomized clinical trial in Nicaragua.  Pediatrics; 93:719–725; (C) Jacobs J, Jimenez LM, Malthouse S, et al  (2000). Homeopathic treatment of acute childhood diarrhoea: results from  a clinical trial in Nepal. Journal of Alternative and Complementary  Medicine; 6:131–139.

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