• Clinical trial, with positive  findings, on 171 patients with psoriasis who were attending a  Dermatology Centre in the USA. Approximately half of the patients were  randomly allocated to receive a homeopathic ointment called Mahonia  (trade name, Reliéva), and the others received dummy ointment (placebo);  they were not told which treatment group they were in. After 12 weeks  of treatment, patients receiving Reliéva ointment had less severe  psoriasis symptoms and better quality of life than those who received  placebo ointment  PubMed Link
  • Clinical trial, with positive findings,  on 80 patients with psoriasis who were attending doctors’ or dermatology  clinics in Germany. The patients applied a homeopathic ointment called  Mahonia to one side of their body, and dummy ointment (placebo) to the  other side; they were not told which ointment was which. After an  average treatment period of 4 weeks, patients reported greater  improvement in symptoms on the Mahonia-treated side than on the  placebo-treated side. The doctors, however, did not find a difference in  outcome between the two ointments.Wiesenauer M, Lüdtke R (1996). Mahonia aquifolium in patients with  Psoriasis vulgaris – an intraindividual study. Phytomedicine; 3:  231-235.