Lower back pain

  • Clinical trial, with positive  findings, on 37 sufferers of chronic lower back pain at an orthopaedic  university hospital in Switzerland. Approximately half of the patients  were randomly allocated to receive homeopathic medicine and the others  received physiotherapy; they were not told which treatment group they  were in. After 8 appointments, over a period of 8 weeks, participants in  the homeopathy group had better improvement in disability due to back  pain than those in the physiotherapy group. PubMed Link
  • Clinical trial, with positive findings,  on 155 sufferers of acute lower back pain at 19 GP practices in the UK.  Approximately half of the patients were randomly allocated for treatment  with a homeopathic gel and the others with Ralgex cream; they were not  told which treatment group they were in. After 1 week, participants in  both groups reported a similar degree of pain reduction, showing that  the homeopathic and conventional gels had equivalent effectiveness in  the treatment of low back pain. A higher percentage of patients treated  with Ralgex reported troublesome side effects. PubMed Link