Sue’s story

Sue explains how homeopathy helped manage the symptoms of severe rheumatoid arthritis.

I’ve used homeopathy for many years, way back to when I developed myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) after catching the flu in 1989. Some years later, when I felt like I’d got my life back on track, I started feeling unwell again.

My ankle was swollen and so painful that I couldn’t walk. Sometimes it would be my left ankle, sometimes it would be the right, and then it started to happen in different parts of my body. After seeing my GP, I had some tests which showed I had rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The NHS was putting pressure on me to go down the drug route, but I didn’t want to. The thought of taking medication scared me. I wanted to get a different opinion. Homeopathy is an approach I believe in, like and trust, but because I was retired, I was no longer in a financial position to pay to see a homeopath privately.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered there was a clinic near me – Homeopathy UK’s charitable clinic in Norwich. At the time the clinic was run by Dr Katalin Borbely. I was very impressed that it was charitable because I wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise. Also, the fact that Katalin was also a doctor reassured me as I knew she’d have medical knowledge of my condition.

A week before my appointment, I was in such a bad way that I couldn’t even get out of bed. So, out of desperation, I had a shot of steroids at the hospital. When I met Katalin, she asked if I was taking the drugs they give you for RA and I said I’d had a shot of steroids, which is supposed to last you about six weeks. She said to me, “Oh, we’ll have to get that out of you then!” I thought, here’s a girl after my own heart!


Over the course of four years, I saw Katalin mostly every month. She was very direct, but made me feel that she was on my side. I trusted her and liked her approach. Depending on what I was going through at the time, she would suggest a different remedy, and most of the time they did the trick. I liked that she wouldn’t just keep giving me the same remedy over and over again if she didn’t think it was right. And she didn’t expect me to take it for long periods of time either.

My RA will never go away, but in the time that I saw Katalin, it seemed to stabilise. There was a time when I had it in my neck and it was so bad that I couldn’t even turn my head to drive the car, but I can now. I have learned to live with my RA and although some days are worse than others I don’t think I would have managed this far without homeopathy and Katalin’s enormous dedication.

Homeopathy’s most definitely helped me to cope emotionally, too. I’ve had an awful lot of trauma in my life, and Katalin would always get to the bottom of the real issue. It wasn’t necessarily what you said or what was on the surface – she got right to the heart of the matter, however far back it went.

Because of the nature of RA, it’s so hard to know whether my health would have been the way it is now without any treatment. But I personally believe that homeopathy has helped me. It’s helped my husband, Richard, tremendously too. We were like a team and saw Katalin one after another!

Homeopathy plays a big part in my life, and I turn to it in times of need. And I’m so glad that I crossed paths with Katalin. She is one amazing homeopathic lady!

Find out more about Homeopathy UK’s Norwich clinic here.

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