Stephanie’s Story

Twenty years after treatment for chronic asthma and psoriasis, Stephanie remains symptom free.

“I developed asthma in childhood. It was quite severe, especially at night when my coughing would often keep my parents awake.


Even though I was using an oral steroid, dampness and dust still aggravated my asthma. In addition, every cold led to a chest infection, which resulted in a many courses of antibiotics. It was very debilitating and had a detrimental effect on life. There were many things I couldn’t do because of the asthma.


I was also suffering badly with psoriasis.  It was mainly on my scalp which would get scaly and be covered in sores, which was embarrassing.  I had to wash my hair every other day with a medicated shampoo but not only did this not help, it was very time consuming. I was also prescribed topical steroid medication for my skin, but it had little effect. As time went on, the psoriasis spread to my hips, which were itchy and sore.


By the time I reached my thirties, both conditions were chronic and I had been using steroids for many years.  This not only had a negative impact on my physical health, but also affected me emotionally and psychologically.


I had no previous experience of alternative and complementary medicine, but homeopath Dr Marliese Symons is a friend. Eventually, I asked if she could treat me because – despite using steroids for years – both conditions were getting worse and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life on medication.


In 1996, I had the first of ten appointments with Marliese. During our consultations, we had in-depth conversations about both of my conditions and possible triggers.


Marliese prescribed Lycopodium in various dosages and gradually my symptoms began to disappear. Eventually, I was able to stop using the steroid inhaler and the topical steroids. It was a completely miraculous cure and even more remarkable that the homeopathic remedies had no side effects.


Over twenty years later, my skin is still clear and I have never used another an inhaler. I no longer keep anyone up at night with coughing, I don’t need steroids and I can take part in family activities without worrying about the asthma returning – this has had a hugely positive impact on my family.


Being free of asthma and psoriasis gave me a new-found confidence. I was free to focus on my family and my interests instead of my conditions.


Homeopathy had a transformational impact on my life and my health and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”

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