Melissa’s Story

When Melissa accidentally trod on a screw which went nearly all the way through her foot, she reached for her homeopathic first aid kit

(warning graphic images below, some may find distressing)

I had builders working at my home and accidentally trod on a screw which was sticking out of the floor. Although I was wearing shoes and socks, the screw penetrated almost the whole way through my foot. I have been using homeopathy for several years, so I immediately took Ledum and Hypericum. I bathed the wound in hydrogen peroxide, followed by salt water and took Arnica and Aconite.

After a few days keeping my foot clean and elevated, the wound recovered so well that I was almost back to walking normally. However, around a month later I started to get the sensation there was something in the wound, so I took Silica.  Two days later, a piece of rubber – which must have come from the sole of my shoes – popped out of the wound site.


Treating the injury naturally

It still felt as though there was more inside, so I continued with the Silica to encourage it out. The wound site had also begun to develop pus with a black dot underneath it. This worsened as time went on and my foot became extremely painful to walk on.  I was determined not to take antibiotics or go hospital so continued to treat the injury naturally.

I soaked my foot in hot salty water and popped the pus with a sterilised needle, after which another piece of rubber popped out.  Once I had cleaned and dressed the wound, it was much more comfortable to walk on.


Homeopathy was there for me

Unfortunately, a few days later, my foot become uncomfortable and itchy, so I resumed the silica. Again, another piece of rubber popped out which was even bigger than the previous two.  My husband was amazed that three pieces of shoe rubber had worked their way out of my foot without any sign of an infection. Nearly six weeks after the accident, I thought that was it.

A few weeks later I went on holiday. My foot didn’t feel quite right, my mood was low and I felt exhausted. One morning I noticed what turned out to be the final piece of rubber sitting just under the skin. I hooked it out, cleaned the wound and for the first time in nearly two months, was able to put all my weight onto my foot.

From the start, homeopathy was there for me. My foot is now fully healed and to look at it, you would never know there had been an injury. Thank you, homeopathy!


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