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Marion was stuck in a vicious cycle when homeopathy put her on the path back to health  

“I started to suffer from burn out in September 2017, which initially presented itself as irregular heartbeat (AFIB). I also had significant digestive issues – I lost over 15 kg in weight – and felt unsafe in my own body.

I was prescribed medication which I took reluctantly, but my symptoms continued to worsen. The diet I was following was so restrictive that much of my hair fell out and my nails stopped growing. I felt fearful and not in control of my own health.

Then Covid arrived and my fear of living (or even dying) alone only increased my feelings of anxiety. After taking the vaccine, I started to experience new symptoms – such as hot flushes and tiredness – and some of my food intolerances returned.

I felt the negative impact on my health every single day.

After falling ill with flu, my breathing went out of kilter. As my breathing worsened, my daily activities became restricted. I felt the negative impact on my physical and mental health every single day.

During GP appointments, I often felt challenged and intimated. It certainly did not feel as though we were working together to investigate the root cause of my condition. A pharmacist suggested that my symptoms might be a result of the combination of medications I was taking, but my GP pressed me to take more. In his opinion, I was not taking enough!

Finally, I decided to visit Dr Raggoo at Norwich Homeopathy. Straight away, I felt listened to and comfortable to fully share my health concerns. This alone relieved the stress, fear and isolation I had been experiencing for so long. Dr Raggoo was professional but also very sensitive and caring.

I would recommend homeopathy to anyone.

I was prescribed Morgan Gaertner, Silicea Terra, and Ignatia. It’s still early days but I can feel my health returning.

I am also seeing a specialised physiotherapist to help my breathing. The tension in my diaphragm has released and I am feeling calmer and more secure in myself. My disrupted sleep is improving, and my body no longer feels chronically depleted.

In addition, I am able to approach my GP with a new-found confidence and we have come to an agreement regarding the level of medication I take.  I feel more in control of my own health.

Now I understand that mental stress causes fear, fear causes over breathing and over breathing impacts heart function and digestive imbalance. In my case, everything was linked, and my body was developing maladaptive responses to stress, causing a vicious cycle which was hard to break out of.

I would recommend homeopathy to anyone seeking a holistic approach, or when conventional medicine is unable to help. Homeopathy UK’s charitable clinics provide a wonderful opportunity for people from all walks of life to use homeopathy on their healthcare journey.”

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