picture of a woman with brown hair smiling sitting in the street happy that she has used homeopathy and slowly started to heal
Lindsey’s story

A chance encounter with a homeopath changed the course of Lindsey’s life.


“In 2012, I was living in Spain when I had my first baby. It was a difficult birth and the whole experience was quite traumatic. I ended up having a c-section, but my husband wasn’t allowed into the room and I didn’t speak the language. It felt as though lots of invasive things were happening to me that I didn’t understand.

Afterwards, I started to suffer from low mood, anxiety and painful hips. My throat felt tight all the time, like I couldn’t breathe. All of which was exacerbated by the usual early motherhood issues like sleep deprivation.


I slowly started to heal

As luck would have it, I had befriended a neighbour whose husband was a renowned homeopath. He would charge patients at his private clinic but also treat people in need for free in his hometown. Once I started seeing him, it was like peeling an onion. Together we uncovered some longstanding emotional issues and I slowly started to heal.

Then I fell pregnant again and because of my previous experience, I started to feel extremely anxious. I persuaded my husband to move back to the UK and my son was born there. At first, everything seemed better but then the anxiety and throat tightening started again.

I was at home with a two-year-old and a baby, with virtually no support. I did investigate homeopathic treatment, but it was just too expensive. When I went to my GP, I felt as though he didn’t really understand. He prescribed betablockers, even though I was breastfeeding.


The unthinkable happened

I muddled along for the next few years until my husband was made redundant and in 2018, we moved back to Spain with the boys, who were five and three.

The first 12 months were lovely. I had more friends and I spoke the language. My daughter was born in 2019 and then the unthinkable happened – Covid.

The next three years were terrible. During lockdown we weren’t allowed to leave the house at all, I was home schooling the boys and caring for a baby and obviously couldn’t see my family.

By 2021, I was so desperate to get home that I bought a house in the UK without even seeing it! Thankfully, the house was a success but six months later I was made redundant and that’s when my health started to deteriorate again.

The stress of the previous years had really taken their toll. I felt incredibly low and had no joy in my life. The future didn’t hold anything interesting for me and I felt trapped and overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility. At the same time, I was experiencing pain in my neck and hip.


I feel better than I have for twenty years

I knew from previous experience that my GP would only offer me anti-depressants and beta blockers and I really wanted to go down the homeopathic route. Money was still tight so I didn’t think it would be an option, but then my mum told me about Liverpool Homeopathy, a charitable clinic that offered very low-cost care, so I made an appointment with practitioner Emma McEvoy.

Emma prescribed a host of remedies to tackle my various symptoms, including Sepia, Nat mur and Calc carb. Fast forward to the present day and I feel better than I have for twenty years. My life is back on track and I am happy and optimistic for the future. My sessions with Emma were undoubtedly key to this. There was a moment where things started to change and I began to feel differently. It’s a gentle transformation but it really gets to the root of the problem.

By tackling the underlying emotions, as well as my physical symptoms, I’ve been able to achieve a sense of wellbeing that I never thought possible. Homeopathy may be gentle but it’s enormously powerful too.”

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