Melanie Williams

Singer-songwriter Melanie Williams was introduced to homeopathy in her early 20s. “I use homeopathy as a foundation to my health. I may dip and out of other therapies but homeopathy is always in my corner,” she says. This is Melanie’s story.

“My homeopathy journey started when I was 24 and met my husband Joe. Joe’s father Ernest Roberts was a famous practitioner who started out as an economist and later trained as a homeopath. Joining the Roberts family and finding out more about homeopathy entirely changed my view of health and my approach to it. I went on to fully embrace homeopathy and have used it throughout my life to support my health and that of my children – and my pets!

My first experience of homeopathy

Joe used to talk about homeopathy and I got used to the idea, but my first actual experience of it was with our pet dog Eddy.

Joe and I had adopted Eddy – a German Shepherd/Lab cross – as a stray. Eddy suffered from genetic hip issues and his joints became so malformed that he shouldn’t have been able to walk. Thanks to a homeopathic remedy, Eddy was able to stay mobile and even managed a walk on the day he passed away. It really was a miracle that he didn’t have to have an op, or even worse, lose the use of his legs.

We also successfully used homeopathy to treat a bout of distemper when Eddy was a puppy. Despite being a very young dog, the vet said that there was nothing he could do and Eddy would need to be put down. We were devastated but, once again Ernest stepped in and, once again, Eddy responded amazingly well to the remedy.  Thanks to the various homeopathic treatments, Eddy went on to live until the ripe old age of 17.

How homeopathy helped me

By this time, I had seen for myself the powerful healing effects of homeopathy, so it was a natural progression to use it for my own issues. I had suffered from severe depression for as long as I can remember and survived three suicide attempts. I use several complementary therapies (including naturopathy, reflexology, rebirthing and imago counselling) to help me manage it but I always have homeopathy in my corner as my foundation.

When I was 27, I collapsed on tour and was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. Life on tour is hard and I definitely wasn’t looking after myself properly, which no doubt exacerbated the situation and it was extremely frightening.  After receiving homeopathic treatment – and taking care to look after myself better – I started to improve. By the time I attended a hospital appointment for a scan, the ulcer had vanished. The consultant was amazed when he put the camera down and there was nothing there!

I’m convinced that taking a holistic, complementary approach is key to my health. It’s not that I can’t get sick but now I have the tools to investigate and manage it. Health is an internal affair and if I’m not looking after myself (which can easily happen) my inner reserves just deplete. And health is not just about the physical – it’s mental and emotional too. Homeopathy works on all levels and considers everything to get to the root cause of the problem.

Support during pregnancy and childbirth

It was natural for me to turn to homeopathy when Joe and I started our family. When I was pregnant with my children Phoenix and Coral, I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (severe vomiting) and basically had to lie down for the first three months with both pregnancies. Thanks to homeopathy, I was able to manage the condition at home and avoided being hospitalised.

With Phoenix, my waters broke early but after a couple of days I still hadn’t gone into labour and the doctors wanted me to be induced or have an emergency caesarean. Thankfully, my wonderful homeopath advised a dose of Aconite which kick-started labour with full force, enabling a natural birth to take place.

I went on to use homeopathy when both the children were small – whether it was Chamomilla for teething, Pulsatilla when they were distressed, upset or clingy and Arnica for bumps and bruises, as well as jet lag. And when Coral became extremely ill at the age of 16, it was my first port of call.

Help for my teenage daughter Coral

When Coral was 16, she started complaining about extreme period pain. It was so bad that she was having difficulty sitting in school and was also feeling faint. She was constantly coming home from school feeling ill and exhausted.

I kept taking her to the doctor and eventually they agreed to run some routine tests, but it was dismissed as teenage angst. Eventually Coral’s pain became so extreme that the doctor did agree to scan her and discovered a growth the size of an orange on her right ovary which had been there for at least two years.

Coral was referred urgently to a gynaecologist and scheduled for a biopsy for suspected ovarian cancer and removal of her ovary.

Fortunately, a friend put me in touch with homeopath and kinesiologist Sue Roberts at Core Wellbeing health clinic. After a course of intensive treatment, the growth just dissolved – during the scan the hospital was left completely baffled wondering where it had gone!

While I greatly appreciate the support of all medical professionals and hospital staff who cared for Coral during their investigations, I will be eternally grateful to Sue Roberts’ homeopathic treatment, which meant my daughter was able to keep both her ovaries. It’s wonderful when doctors and alternative practitioners can work together with open minds.

For more information about specific conditions, you may find our homeopathic directory useful.

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