Annabel’s story

Homeopathy successfully treated my daughter’s asthma.   

“In 2021, my eight-year-old daughter Sonia developed asthma after contracting a viral infection. There was no history of asthma in our family, so it was a worrying time.

We even ended up in A&E a few times after Sonia caught a cough or cold because of concerns about wheezing. As a result, she was prescribed a steroid inhaler by our GP but still sometimes needed to use a second, reliever inhaler for breathlessness.

As a parent, I wasn’t totally comfortable with the idea of my daughter taking steroids on a long-term basis. I was keen to see if we could find an alternative treatment and decided to explore homeopathy, which I had successfully used myself.

As a university student, I had chronic acne which was treated with antibiotics and harsh topical creams. By the time I came to homeopathy, my whole system was depleted, but the homeopathic remedies brought me back to health. As a new mother, I used homeopathy for teething and for bumps and bruises, so I knew how effective it could be.

In November 2022, I made an appointment with Julien Baron-Meyet at Edinburgh Homeopathy. Julien prescribed Pulsatilla and Medorrhinum – the remedies gradually allowed Sonia to reduce her use of her steroid inhaler, before eventually stopping altogether.

The treatment has really helped Sonia. Her asthma symptoms and wheezing have gone. She is full of energy and no longer worries about her health.

Conventional treatments – like steroid cream for eczema or asthma inhalers – feel like instant fixes. As a mum, I’ve seen how these only suppress symptoms, which can quickly reappear once the treatment stops.

Homeopathy is the only medicine I’ve found that has offered potential for a full recovery, which I see in Sonia today.

I’m also incredibly grateful for the charitable clinic as it allowed us to access treatment for our daughter which would have been very costly otherwise.”

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