Carol's story

Carol Bodza found homeopathy was just what she needed to recover from post-natal depression

No more anti­depressants! I never thought for one moment that I could  have lived without them. I was at an all time low when I visited my GP,  Dr Jenny Howard, with my daughter who suffers from eczema. She started  explaining to me that she used homeopathy for a lot of children and it  worked well. Before she finished telling me about my daughter, I was  almost begging her to help me.

I’d had post-natal depression for the last two years but had not told  anybody. I had found myself at a point where I wanted to die; I could  no longer cope with my feelings. My husband had found the job he was  looking for and this meant that I had moved way from my family and  friends. I was getting to a point where I could not leave the house  without having a panic attack. I really hated my life.

The first few months were a blur to me, and then I was given Ignatia.  It had a real impact on me. My grandmother had died just ten months  before I gave birth to my daughter and I was so busy looking after my  son and husband that I had not given myself a chance to grieve. About  ten days after taking the Ignatia I remember getting into bed and  starting to cry; I kept crying for about two hours if not more. I was  able to let go. I felt fantastic. This was the first time I saw light at  the end of the tunnel. It helped me let go of the guilt I felt in  having rejected my daughter from the day she was born although I had a  great relationship with my son. It gave me the chance to start afresh  with her.

The panic attacks have taken a bit more work. Gelsemium is great when  I get into a situation where I feel the dreaded panic start and Aconite  helps with the hyper­ventilating. Both have given me a chance to build  my confidence and learn to control the feelings which were rolling into  the next state of panic. I have to say it also took a little  perseverance and a stubborn streak but it is worth it.

When I hit another low, I thought it was the end of the world. I went  to see an emergency GP who offered me Valium, but I knew it was not  right for me so I made an appointment to see Dr Howard. Tears were  rolling down my face before I had opened the door. I was scared, lonely  and afraid of everything. She smiled saying she knew I would need this  one day and gave me Calc carb. She described it as the protection that  an oyster gets from its shell, and that is just what I needed: a cuddle  in a bottle.

I enjoy my life again; I have two fantastic children, a great husband  and a GP who deserves an award. The only thing that makes me sad is the  fact that these services are not available to everyone on the NHS.

We have had some difficult times over the last two years but  homeopathy and a fantastic GP and the support of my family have brought  me through. Two years down the line – no anti­depressants and homeopathy  for emergencies – I feel fantastic and hope that I can inspire others  who suffer from depression. It is a horrible thing to go through. If you  are reading this and thinking she can’t have felt as bad as me, believe  me I have said exactly the same. I never in a million years thought I  would be writing something like this. There is always hope and  homeopathy!