Lauren's story

Unresolved trauma from her childhood left Lauren with physical pain so severe it stopped her life in its tracks. She shares how homeopathic treatment at our Liverpool clinic has helped her face her demons and overcome her health issues. 

Four years ago, when I was 16 years old, I started having joint problems in my knees and elbows, which caused me a lot of pain. I had regular physiotherapy to try and relieve the pain, but it didn’t really improve things. A year later I was diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome, a condition where your joints are more flexible, and peripheral nerve hyper excitability, which causes your muscles to twitch, spasm and cramp involuntarily.

After my diagnosis, I was prescribed Gabapentin – the anti-epileptic medication. It helped with the muscle twitching, but it made me feel very tired. Also, it didn’t stop the other symptoms I had, which included a burning feeling in my leg muscles, as well as aching bones. These would generally be worse if I'd done something a bit strenuous during the day and would keep me awake at night.

As this was all happening while I was studying for my A-levels, I had the added stress of worrying about falling behind as I had to take a lot of time off. Thankfully, my college was really understanding, and, in spite of my ill health, I got the grades I needed to go to university. In September 2018, I left Liverpool to study Music Psychology at Leeds University. It was supposed to be an exciting time in my life – moving to a new city and making new friends – but from that point onwards, my symptoms got a lot more severe.

I got a new GP in Leeds, but they’d never heard of either of my conditions. So, when the pain got worse, there was nothing they could really do to help other than give me ibuprofen, naproxen and other anti-inflammatory drugs. I didn’t want to be reliant on painkillers at such a young age, so I just got on with it and tried to ignore the pain.

But during the next six months, my twitching got so bad that I’d be awake all night and wouldn’t be able to lift my arms up in the morning. It made daily activities like making breakfast, brushing my teeth or washing my hair really difficult. I missed out on socialising with my new friends too as I didn’t feel well enough to join them on nights out. Because the symptoms were involuntary and would come on last minute, I’d feel like some of my friends thought I didn’t like them anymore or I was making excuses to not go out.

My degree was quite physical too, so it had a massive impact on my ability to take part, as I could no longer play the trumpet or type up coursework. I spoke my tutor about the problems I was having and we decided it was best for me to withdraw from the course on medical grounds. It was a really difficult decision to make, but in February 2019, I left Leeds and moved back to Liverpool where I lived with my auntie.

A friend suggested that we attend the Liverpool Holistic Circle – a group that meets twice monthly to share and increase knowledge of all things holistic. So, one evening we went along to a meeting. It just so happened that Emma McEvoy from Liverpool Homeopathy was doing a talk on pain management. She was talking about how all physical pain stems from emotional pain and why everything that happens in the body happens for a reason.

I’d never thought about pain in that way, so it was quite eye-opening. I’m not really one to moan about anything, so all this time I’d tried my best to ignore the pain. But, I'd been having these symptoms for quite a few years, I didn’t know why they were happening and nobody else did either, so I was really interested in learning more about where it could be coming from.

At one point during Emma’s talk, she came over to us. We spoke about my health problems and, later that evening, she gave me a Sulphur remedy to try. About half an hour later my legs stopped burning. I couldn’t believe it had worked so quickly and decided I wanted to see her at Liverpool Homeopathy as soon as I could.

Since that first meeting with Emma, I’ve gone on to see her another three times. After my first appointment, I came off the Gabapentin, which I’d been taking for two and a half years. I had no withdrawals and I felt so much better and more energetic.

I’ve taken Sulphur to address the burning ever since that evening and I still take it now. It’s made a huge difference and the burning in my legs has almost completely stopped. So has the twitching – it only happens now if I’m really tired or stressed. Emma looked at my conditions as if they were fibromyalgia [a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body]. She explained that all of my physical pain stemmed from my childhood because I’d repressed all of the trauma which was coming out in me physically.

I thought that my health problems had come on out of the blue, but I started to see the link between my physical pain and the emotional trauma I experienced as a child. My mum has suffered from suicidal depression since even before I was born, so didn’t really look after me when I was young. Because of that, I lived with my auntie most of the time.

Understanding why I was experiencing pain was a relief as it finally allowed me to think about my childhood – something I’d never done before my treatment with Emma. Also, there was finally a reason why my body was doing what it was doing. It’s amazing how the body can hold on to these things without you even realising.

I also did some other things through the Liverpool Holistic Circle to complement my treatment with Emma, including kinesiology – a holistic energy therapy, combining the ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine with modern muscle monitoring techniques, as well as yoga. These therapies complemented each other and helped to keep me positive and looking forward to getting better.

My life is completely different now to what it was just a year ago. I started a childcare apprenticeship in September 2019 and now have a full-time job in a nursery. I never thought I’d be able to do anything like that, and so soon too.

My family and friends are amazed by how much homeopathy has helped me. In February 2019, I couldn’t even lift my arms to wash my hair, now I’m working with children, and I’m off medication. It’s made such a difference.

I’m also slowly getting back to playing the trumpet and have re-joined my old brass band. I sometimes have little breaks during rehearsals, but the pain in my arms and the twitching is nowhere like it used to be… I feel I’m back to normal. Also, the prickly heat I’ve had every summer since I was six years old has completely gone since taking Sulphur.

I’m in a better place emotionally, too. I was never depressed, but I feel like I’m much more open to and aware of things now. Four years ago, I tried to ignore my emotions, but now I know how important it is to address them.


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