Staying well this winter with homeopathy

Staying well this winter with homeopathy  

Staying physically and emotionally well in the winter in the UK can be a challenge.  The weather is cold, the days are dark and the festive celebrations often lead to overindulgence. 

Throw in an on-going pandemic and you may also be dealing with a compromised immune system, anxiety, stress and poor sleep.  And that’s just adults – don’t forget children are also at risk… 

Luckily there are many homeopathic medicines on hand, so if you want a natural and safe remedy with no side effects, it’s well worth checking them out: 

Colds and flu: 

In homeopathy, one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to colds and flu.  There are many different homeopathic medicines which are prescribed to take into account various symptoms, how quickly the illness came on and your current mood, but these are the most popular remedies for adults and children:  

  • Aconite - used for  colds that come on suddenly with symptoms including fever, shivers, sore throat, sneezing, headache and raspy cough. 
  • Allium cepa - for colds with a very runny nose and red eyes. 
  • Pulsatilla - this is the one to take if your nose feels bunged up indoors but runs when outside. 
  • Gelsemium – one of the greatest flu remedies, best for tackling spinal chills, aching limbs and difficulty swallowing. 


Getting through Christmas and New Year without overdoing it can be difficult, so keep a supply of these on hand:   

  • Nux vomica – a go-to remedy for when you’ve overindulged on food or alcohol 
  • Belladona – a great remedy for tackling headaches  

Addictive behaviour: 

The festive period can exacerbate addictive behaviours for a number of reasons.  The lack of usual routine, stress caused by friends and family, worries about money - all of these can lead to increased drinking and smoking, but the following homeopathic medicines may help: 

  • Caladium – used for tobacco addition, especially in men 
  • Capsicum – a good remedy for people who are craving tobacco or alcohol  
  • Kali carbonicum – if you can fall asleep but wake between 2 and 4am, this might be worth a try 


It’s almost impossible to avoid stress these days and anxiety levels can really peak during the winter, which can  lead to sleeplessness - and so the cycle continues.  A homeopath will want an in-depth consultation to learn what is going in a patient’s life before prescribing anything, but these are two popular homeopathic medicines:   

  • Arsenicum Album – for stress that presents in the form of chest pain, indigestion, heartburn or diarrhoea. 
  • Coffea Cruda – this remedy is often prescribed for patients suffering from insomnia.   

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