Homeopathic remedies for starting school  


Starting “big school” can be a daunting prospect for children and parents alike but teaching staff are experienced helping even the most unwilling little ones join in the fun.

Most children settle in without any issues, but how well and how quickly this happens may depend (amongst other things) on their homeopathic type.  The following emotional remedies may provide some additional support and reassurance.

More information about remedies can be found at https://www.helios.co.uk/ or https://www.ainsworths.com/


The Calcera carbonica child:

This child typically takes longer to learn and may have reached developmental milestones later than other children.  They often spend a lot of time on a task, or do it over and over.  Obstinate if interrupted, they do not like changing plans.  They can be strong characters but because of their methodical nature, may become loners.  If they do not make friends at school, they may withdraw.

Prone to: getting hot at night and/or sleepwalking, as well as coughs, cold and middle ear infections.


The Pulsatilla child:

This gentle, shy child can be clingy and fearful, preferring to stay close to parents. They can cry easily and be very reserved in new environments, but sociable when they are feeling confident. They may compensate for feelings of insecurity by being incredibly helpful in school but angrier at home.

Prone to: coughs, cold and middle ear infections.


The Natrum muriaticum child:

Neat and tidy sums up these children. They will sit quietly and confidently playing with toys and are polite, if a little reserved.  Calm on the outside, they are very emotional on the inside, sensitive to criticism and fearful of making mistakes.  They tend toward solitary activities such as reading.  These sensitive children may have a few close friends but lack confidence in groups.

Prone to: headaches and skin problems such as eczema.


The Sulphur child:

These are active happy go lucky show-offs – natural leaders who hate subordinate roles.  Intelligent and independent, they may struggle with school where compliance is encouraged!  They can be intelligent and independent, untidy in appearance and careless with their possessions (remember to label everything!)

They prefer socialising to working and may appear indifferent to being disciplined.  They often have little need for sleep and excess energy before bedtime.

Prone to: Eczema and loose bowels.


The Phosphorous child:

When feeling comfortable, these children are sociable, well-mannered and able to talk easily to everyone.  They enjoy being the centre of attention and can be real performers (it’s no coincidence that phosphorous is the remedy that most suits actors!)

The flipside is that their overactive imaginations can make these children very fearful.  They often suffer from nightmares.

Prone to: nausea, tummy aches.


The Tuberculinum bovum child:

Often associated with hyperactivity and intelligence, these children can be mischievous.  They may have poor concentration and a dislike of strangers and new situations, which could clearly cause problems at school where their behaviour may initially worsen.   They have very short attention spans and can be very restless.

Prone to: grinding teeth at night and bedwetting.


For more information about children with behavioural problems, visit https://homeopathy-uk.org/conditions-directory/behavioural-problems-in-children/


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