Homeopathic medicine for women’s menstrual health problems

In this guest blog, Registered Homeopath and natural health expert Kiran Grover explores the best homeopathic medicines for women’s menstrual health.

“When we talk about women’s health, we often mean hormonal and menstrual health. Homeopathic treatment can offer an effective, natural solution to irregular, heavy or painful periods.

Periods are a natural, important and healthy part of a woman’s life from the ages of about 12 – 50 years. A regular menstrual cycle will occur around every 28 days, though it can vary from 25 – 32 days, and will last around 5 days. It will usually start with a bright red bleed, minimal clots and menstrual cramps.

But sometimes girls and women can experience period problems. This can include periods that appear for longer or shorter lengths of time, or those that are unpredictable in frequency. There may be no period – or just a little spotting – for a few months. Girls and women may also experience skin problems such as acne, bloating, fatigue and even fertility issues.

Period problems can be exacerbated by stress or anxiety, a sedentary lifestyle, weight loss or intense exercise. Poor diet, anaemia and eating disorders can also lead to period problems, as can IBS.

Homeopathic treatment can be an effective but natural way to help with period problems by addressing the underlying cause. It can also help to balance hormones, deal with flow problems and tackle cramps and pain.

These are my top five homeopathic medicine for period problems:


Pulsatilla is the indicated homeopathic medicine when the menstrual bleed is delayed, often dark in colour, thick or clotted. It can be scanty and accompanied by cramps. The patient will feel tearful, or changeable in her moods.


Sepia can be the indicated homeopathic remedy when the period is delayed and scanty or early and profuse with sharp pain. You will experience a dragging down sensation, as well as fatigue, irritability and low mood, especially towards loved ones. You may also feel better for movement and exercise.


If your periods are short, feeble or even non-existent, then the remedy Lachesis can help. With abdomen pain before your period (so much so you avoid tight clothes to try and feel more comfortable), Lachesis might be the best option.

Nat Mur

Nat Mur is a great homeopathic remedy when there are irregular heavy periods with a bearing down pain, which can be worse in the morning and can feel like labour pain. You may also feel low in mood and suffer with headaches.

Kali Carb

Not had a period for several months? Then Kali Carb can be a great homeopathic medicine to get things going and re-establish a regular menstrual flow.

Lifestyle changes

As well as homeopathic medicines, it’s worth taking a look at your lifestyle. You can help manage your stress levels by taking regular exercise, getting daily fresh air, eating a nutritionally rich diet and having a good night’s sleep.

About Kiran

Kiran Grover MA, LCHE, RSHom qualified from the Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) in 2007. Kiran set up the Healthy Homeopathy Clinic and has been in professional practice for over 16 years. She lectures, mentors and supervises other homeopaths at all parts of their career path in the Healthy Homeopathy Academy. In her busy international online clinic, she has a particular interest in treating hormonal health and anxiety.

Kiran is a former Director and Chair of the Society of Homeopaths.  She has also trained in Foresight Pre-Conception and the Gentle Birth Method.

For more information, visit the Healthy Homeopathy Clinic.


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