Kiran Grover
Endometriosis and homeopathy

In this guest blog, Registered Homeopath and natural health expert Kiran Grover explores Endometriosis and Homeopathy

According to Endometriosis UK, around 1.5 million women (one in ten) in the UK are affected by endometriosis.  Some women suffer from it their whole lives, from puberty to menopause. Endometriosis can cause chronic pain, heavy bleeding and fatigue and can also severely impact day-to-day life. It can also affect a woman’s fertility.

What’s going on?

The endometrium is the tissue that lines the inside of the womb. Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease where tissue (a bit like the lining of the womb), grows in places such as the ovaries and or the fallopian tubes. The body mounts a response to this and high levels of oestrogen and stress hormones worsen the inflammation. Often, there is also a hormonal imbalance and this may cause emotional distress. It can cause painful, heavy periods medically known as dysmenorrhea. There can also be pelvic pain and cramping before the menstrual period and some women also experience pain during intercourse or bowel movements. Conventional medicine offers surgery, using the contraceptive pill or coil and / or taking painkillers.

Why homeopathy?

Homeopathic treatment is natural, safe and provides a holistic, individual centered approach. Homeopathic remedies can be effective at restoring hormonal balance naturally and without side effects.

Remedies are prescribed for symptoms rather than conditions as illness is experienced in different ways by different people. During a homeopathic consultation, the most appropriate homeopathic remedies will be carefully selected based on the individuals’ symptoms. Homeopathy also focuses on the underlying cause of health problems, treating them at a deep level as well as helping with symptoms. Because of this, homeopathy can support the emotional and mental symptoms, as well as the physical ones.

Endometriosis Flare Ups

When a girl or woman has an endometriosis flare up, it can cause severe pain and fatigue. Endometrial Hyperplasia is when the lining of the uterus becomes unusually thick because it has too many cells. This problem can be caused by too much oestrogen or not enough progesterone. Flare ups may occur during periods of high stress and/or poor sleep and in addition to homeopathy, this can be alleviated with gentle exercise such as yoga or walking, good nutrition and regular, good quality sleep.

Fertility Problems

Women with endometriosis can struggle to become pregnant – around 40% experience infertility. As well as painful sexual intercourse, egg quality can be affected, there may be adhesion present and ovarian cysts that block implantation.

Homeopathic Remedies for Endometriosis


Known for its influence on the nervous system and the female sexual organs, this remedy is great for endometriosis or for very heavy, painful periods that radiate into the back, thighs and legs. The menstrual bleed is excessive and exhausting with a bearing down pain.


A remedy to treat gloomy feelings as well as pain in the uterine area and lower back. There may also be darting pain from hip to hip. The bleed is profuse and the heavier the menstrual bleed the more intense the pain is felt.


A suitable remedy for patients who are feeling sad or sensitive and experiencing labour like pains, especially in the pelvis or small of the back. The menstrual bleed is bright and contain clots as well as fluid. There can also be fibroids present.


This remedy has a great affinity with the female reproductive system and is indicated for patients who are feeling negative, weepy and want to be alone. Pain will be gripping and worse during sexual intercourse (which there may be an aversion to).


For patients who feel exhausted, alone or with feelings of anger towards others. There may be violent cramping, a dark bleed, a bearing down pain, burning and soreness, together with a marked increase in sexual desire.

About Kiran

Kiran Grover MA, LCHE, RSHom qualified from the Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) in 2007. Kiran set up the Healthy Homeopathy Clinic and has been in professional practice for over 16 years. In her busy international online clinic, she has a particular interest in treating hormonal health and anxiety. She also lectures, mentors and supervises other homeopaths at all parts of their career path in the Healthy Homeopathy Academy.

Kiran is a former Director and Chair of the Society of Homeopaths.  She has also trained in Foresight Pre-Conception and the Gentle Birth Method.

For more information, visit the Healthy Homeopathy Clinic.

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