Good news from Germany

27 October 2021, 23:00

There has been some very encouraging news from Germany in recent months from two separate studies published in September 2021.

The first – a survey of 1323 parents at the Paediatric Departments of the Elisabeth Hospital in Essen and the Children’s Hospital in Landshut – revealed that homeopathy is the most popular integrative medicine therapy for children, ahead of osteopathy and phytotherapy.

The study – which was undertaken to assesses the demand for complementary and integrative medicine methods – found that 40% of parents use homeopathy at home and many would like it to be incorporated into clinical primary care.

The parents said that they wanted homeopathy to be made more widely available, with a resounding 88% saying that would be willing to pay for the treatment privately.

Another study carried on behalf of DHU (Deutsche Homöopathie-Union) showed that more than half of Germans have used homeopathy, with 70% reporting that they are open to it, or  have already used.

The annual survey showed that more women use homeopathic medicines than men – 64% compared to 42% - and that it is most widespread among 45-59 year olds (61%).