How homeopathy helps

Treating the whole person 

Homeopathy is designed to treat the  whole person and can helpful in almost any situation  where a person’s health is depleted. It can also be very useful in the  treatment of minor ailments, from cuts and bruises to coughs and colds. Use our Conditions Directory to explore the range of conditions that can be treated by homeopathy. 

Long-term problems

Homeopathic doctors often see patients with long-term, chronic  problems, many of which have failed to respond to conventional medicine,  such as arthritis, asthma, migraine, chronic fatigue  syndrome, depression, eczema and irritable bowel syndrome.

Medical professionals who also practise homeopathy 

A  medical doctor trained in homeopathy will know when it is most  effective to use homeopathic medicine, conventional medicine or a  combination of both. As well as doctors there are nurses, midwives, dentists, vets,  pharmacists, podiatrists and osteopaths, all using homeopathy in their  daily practice. Homeopathy UK works closely with the Faculty of Homeopathy, the professional body for doctors and other healthcare professionals who also use homeopathy in their everyday practice. Use our FindAHomeopath search tool to find a registered homeopath near you. 

the two professions complement each other incredibly well 

Wendy Scrase - nurse & homeopath