How we can help

Making homeopathy available to everyone 

Homeopathy UK is committed to providing high-quality homeopathic care for everyone who needs it. We currently have 4 UK clinics offering free and low-cost treatment and plan to open more in the coming year. Homeopathy UK also helps fund a special clinic for survivors of domestic abuse in the South East of England and a service for asylum seekers in Wales. 

Spreading the word about homeopathy and its benefits

We work hard to share accessible but high-quality information about homeopathy using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as via traditional media channels. Homeopathy UK hosts regular events and talks. We also commission research and surveys about people's experiences of homeopathy. 

Our magazine "Health & Homeopathy" features the latest news about homeopathy and CAM (complementary and alternative healthcare) and this website has hundreds of articles about homeopathy and its benefits.

Promoting research and training the next generation of homeopaths 

The promotion of research into homeopathy is an important part of our work. Homeopathy UK funds a number of research projects via our grants program as well as collecting data from our network of charitable clinics. You can find more about research into homeopathy - together with how it can help specific conditions - in the treatment section of this website.