The Trustees of the Homeopathy UK make grants where they believe that their contribution will make a real difference

We support the following categories in relation to homeopathy:

·  Patient Access

·  Education

·  Training

·  Research

The Trustees do NOT normally fund:

·  Charities or other organisations registered outside the United Kingdom

·  Political Parties

·  Expeditions

·  Promotion of religion

·  Individuals

·  Individual courses of treatment, homeopathic or otherwise.

Read our grant policy and use the button below to find and complete the online application form. Please note that we are unable to consider grant applications for the October 2020 deadline. Applicants are advised to check back with us in January 2021. 

Online Applications

Applications should be submitted by 1 October or 1 March each year for consideration by the Trustees at their subsequent Board meetings in November and April respectively.

All applications will be acknowledged. If you have any queries please contact us at or telephone (0)203 640 5903.