Finding a homeopathic dentist

Dental conditions that often respond well to homeopathy include relief from pain, swelling, bruising, dental phobias, nausea, tooth sensitivity, jaw cramping, teething in infants, neuralgia, toothache, bleeding, infection, ulcers and cold sores.

To find a homeopathic dentist in your area use our Find A Homeopath search engine. 

Should I tell my usual dentist?

If you feel comfortable doing so, it is very helpful to tell your dentist. Your homeopathic dentist may ask your permission to contact your dentist to say that they are treating you. This will allow them to share important information. However, they will not do so if you do not give your permission.

Other dentists trained in homeopathy

In addition to our list on this website, the British Homeopathic Dental Association publishes a list of homeopathic dentists. Many of these dentists have obtained the Faculty of Homeopathy’s qualification and may have LFHom(Dent) or MFHom(Dent) after their names. Visit the BHDA website