Our Grant Awarding Policy

The Trustees of Homeopathy UK make grants where they believe that their contribution will make a real difference.

Subject to other elements of our grant-awarding policy, no restrictions are imposed on the purpose for which a grant may be made; thus applications for support towards capital projects, other projects or core costs are considered, alongside revenue grants.

The Trustees support the following categories:

· Patient Access

· Education

· Training

· Research

The Trustees do NOT normally fund:

· Charities or other organisations registered outside the United Kingdom

· Political Parties

· Expeditions

· Promotion of religion

· Individuals

· Individual courses of treatment, homeopathic or otherwise.

Grants are generally made as single or phased payments of between £2,500 and £50,000.

Organisations that have been awarded a grant may generally not re-apply for the same project within 12 months of the date of (final) payment of the grant.

Organisations whose application has been unsuccessful may not re-apply within 12 months of the date of application.

Where appropriate, grants for periods of longer than one year may be considered.

A follow-up report is required within 12 months of receiving a grant.

All applicants must complete fully the online application form, providing details of the project or work for which they are seeking a grant. Please contact the office if you have any queries regarding this.

All applications will be acknowledged.

Applications should be submitted by 1 March or 1 October each year for consideration by the Trustees at their subsequent Board meetings in April and November respectively. At their meeting the Trustees will approve the grants to be made to the successful applicants. If required by the Trustees, applicants may be requested to provide further details. Thereafter applicants will be informed of the Trustees’ decision in writing. All applicants are notified whether or not their application has been successful. Payment is made in the month following the meeting.

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, applicants are required to consent to the use of personal data supplied by them in the processing and review of their application. This includes transfer to and use by such individuals and organisations as the Trustees deem appropriate. Homeopathy UK requires the assurance of the applicant that personal data about any other individual is supplied to the BHA with his/her consent. At the point of submitting an online application, applicants are asked to confirm this consent and assurance.

A list of grants awarded during the current year will be published in the Homeopathy UK Annual Report and Accounts.